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Retro MR: the team behind the motoring nostalgia. We look at classified car ads, a lot.

Andrew Brady
Andrew BradyEditor

Andrew is a serial car buyer, currently driving a third-generation Toyota MR2 which he describes as a ‘modern classic’. Previous cars range from two Mk1 MX-5s to a 1983 Austin Metro (HLE, no less) which he bought because he thought it’d be funny.

Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
Gavin Braithwaite-SmithWriter

Gavin is old enough to remember the days when retro cars were new and Noel Tidybeard was a presenter on Top Gear. He doesn’t do the lottery, but if he did, he’d spend the winnings on buying a plot of land in Brittany and assembling a collection of French tat. One day he’ll complete start the restoration of his Citroen AX GT.

Richard Aucock
Richard AucockWriter

Richard often now finds himself getting excited by seeing cars he originally attended the launch of now on sale in the classifieds for three-figure sums. He wasn’t old enough to drive an MG ZT when new, so bought one for £300 instead, and also has an E46 323i and a Mk2 Golf GTI he’s perpetually planning to do stuff to but getting sidetracked and and buying something else instead.

Tim Pitt
Tim PittWriter

Tim likes air-cooled Porsches and water-cooled Volkswagens. He drives a Mk5 Golf GTI and spends much of his free time stationary on the M25. Previous cars owned include an E30 BMW M3, Peugeot 106 Rallye, Mini Cooper and Nissan Pulsar GTI-R.